Best Autism Resources for

Free stuff on the web

For parents of autistic children, finding free
stuff on the web can be complicated.

Here’s a list of free and cheap things you may
want to consider for you or your child.

Who ever said autistic children couldn’t have
fun on the computer.

There are now computer games designed just for
autistic children to both learn and have fun.

In some cases, trying out the program is free.

Try travelling to and playing
their autism software before purchasing.

There are modules for numbers, food, clothes
and body, sizes, shapes and letters.

Its fun to play and easy to buy if you like it.

All parents of children with autism can benefit
from joining a free forum where they can learn
tips, techniques and also potentially find more
free stuff. is a discussion forum and online
community for autism and related disorders.

To visit the forum, go to

If you need a place to discuss autism or ask some
questions, this is the place to go.

Another option is
which is a forum that includes therapy procedures
for autism, high functioning autism, PDD-NOS and

This site includes teaching tips, educational videos
and indexed lists of teaching materials for designing

Finally, offers
everything from T-shirts to mugs that increase
awareness and support of autistic children.

There are tons of beautiful graphic images
regarding autism and sizes to fit everything.

Autism awareness has reached the Internet and
there are plenty of tips, computer programs and
teaching ideas to help the autistic child and
his family learn to navigate their way through the
world of the non-disabled.

This is just one of the many tricks, tips and techniques
that you can use to cope with your Autistic child’s
behaviors that feature in my new book “The Parenting
Autism Resource Guide”. Which you can learn
more about by visiting


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